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I know very little about Henry Hulsey and Mary Harrison...No stories were ever told to me about them....They are my great-great-grandparents on my father's side...I know that this is the side of my family where our Indian blood comes from...I don't know if it comes from Henry...From Mary...Or from both...There were Hulseys living on the Indian Reservation in Alabama...And Mary Harrison came to Alabama from Georgia at a time when Indians were being run out of that state...I know their daughter Lucindy D. Hulsey(my great-grandmother) named one of her sons Ross Barton McKelvey...I think she named him after the great leader of the Cherokees...


Last year on January 20th, I lost my darling Mother After 15 years of being her caregiver in her valient fight against Alzheimer's....I immediately became ill....I blamed it on exhaustion and grief.....I was tired of doctors and illness and believed that I would get over it with rest but When I became so fatigued and breathless that I could not walk from one room to another without gasping for air I went in for treatment....This past December, a week before Christmas, I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis, an auto-immune disease that is non-curable but treatable....It had attacked the lymph nodes in my own body...It has attacked my lungs....But it can attack just about any organ in your body......I am now in treatment...steroids and compounds that I breath in my lungs....I am also on oxygen almost 24 hrs. a day...But my doctor believes he can get me into remission in about 5 months....The problem is that this disease almost always rears it's ugly head again....My mother, husband and I have had an incredible experience for 15 years in our journey with Alzheimer's.....Now that I am on a new journey of my own, she is not here to help and lend me moral support....But my wonderful husband is...He is my friend and my caregiver when I am just too exhausted to even get out of bed.....My genealogy has taken a back seat for the past 10 years....Every aspect of my life has taken a back seat....My life became caring for my mother...her needs....her care.....When we lost her, I was unable to speak of it or put the information online....If you have wondered what happened to me....If I have not responded to emails...If my web pages are not updated...That is the reason....I don't know how much work I can do on my genealogy....I will have to work around my disease....Thank you for your prayers.....



1 Henry J. Hulsey b:1823 in Jackson Co,Ala d:aft 1870 in Jackson Co, Ala +Mary Harrison b:1831 in Georgia d:aft 1870 in Ala 2 John R. Hulsey Sr. b:1853 in Jackson Co,Ala +Mary Emeline Martin b:1856 in Ala 3 Julia Emmaline Hulsey b:Sept.12,1879 3 Walt Whitman Hulsey b:June 9,1882 in Rosebud,White County,Arizona +Daisy Irene Davis b:May 21,1888 in Rosebud,White County,Arizona 4 Eric Edmond Hulsey b:June 30, 1904 4 Walter Ernest Hulsey b:August 22,1905 3 John R. Hulsey,Jr. b:November 4,1884 3 Mary Hulsey b: 1887 2 James M. Hulsey b:June 1854 in Jackson County,Ala 2 Hamilton C. Hulsey b:Jan. 1857 in Jackson Co,Ala +Nancy A. Fulson b:May 1862 in Texas 2 Harriett Hulsey b:1859 in Jackson Co,Ala +Hugh P. Maxwell b: 1855 2 Thomas Hulsey b:1860 in Jackson Co,Ala 2 Lucindy D. Hulsey b: March 21,1864 in Jackson Co, Ala d:Dec 28,1941 in Huntsville, Madison Co, Ala +Robert A. McKelvey b:Feb 1862 in Ala d:Aug. 13,1934 in Huntsville, Madison Co, Ala Father:John McKelvey Mother: Elizabeth C. Adair 3 Albert McKelvey b:October 1882 in Ala d:in Huntsville, Madison Co, Ala +Margaret Cowley b:1885 d:in Huntsville, Madison Co, Ala 3 Emma McKelvey b:Feb 1886 in Ala d: in Groesbeck, Texas 3 Thomas A. McKelvey b: August 1887 in Marshall Co,Ala d: In Madison Co, Ala +Ruby Lee Medlin b:June 1894 in Huntsville, Madison Co, Ala d: In Huntsville, Madison Co, Ala Father:Richard Henry Medlin Mother:Jane Armstrong Martin 4 Hattie C. Mckelvey b: 1912 in Madison Co, Ala 4 Marvin McKelvey b:1914 in Madison Co, Ala 4 Minnie B. McKelvey b: 1918 in Madison Co, Ala 4 Hubert McKelvey(twin)b:1920 in Madison Co, Ala d:1944 in Europe 4 Herbert McKelvey(twin)b:1920 in Madison Co, Ala 3 Ross Barton McKelvey Sr. b:Oct 17,1889 in Ala d:Nov 21,1956 in Houston, Harris Co,Tx +Nellie Martin Medlin b:May 5, 1890 in Huntsville, Madison Co,Ala d:Jan.6,1958 in Houston, Harris Co,Tx m:Oct 26,1907 in Huntsville, Madison Co,Ala Father:Richard Henry Medlin Mother:Jane Armstrong Martin 4 Lois A. McKelvey b:1910 in Madison Co,Ala d:1950 in Colorado City Tx 4 Edward Martin McKelvey b:1913 in Madison Co,Ala d:1980 in Houston Harris Co, Tx +Rina Servos d:in Houston, Harris Co,Tx 5 Carl McKelvey b:Oct 1, 1942 in Houston, Harris Co, Tx 4 Roscoe Barton McKelvey,Jr. b:Sept.19,1915 in Madison Co,Ala d: July 5,1965 in Alice,Tx +Evelyn Patricia Alterman Jackson b:July 22, 1917 in El Paso,Tx m:Feb.14,1937 in Weatherfor,Tx Father Jacob Alterman Mother: Ruby Clara Callaway Adoptive Parents: Grandparents: Mollie Pricilla Luttrell and George Jackson 5 Patricia Barth McKelvey b: Oct 8, 1939 in Ft.Worth, Tarrant Co, Tx d: Oct. 8, 1939 in Ft.Worth, Tarrant Co,Tx 5 Barthlynn Gale McKelvey b:Oct 1,1941 in Ft.Worth,Tarrant Co,Tx +Living m:August 27,1961 in Battle Creek,Michigan 6 Lari Lynn Robinson b:Nov.23,1962 in Houston,Harris Co,Tx +Daryl James Machart b:Nov.21,1956 in El Campo,Tx m:May 31, 1981 in Missouri City, Ft.Bend Co,Tx Father:Frankie Jim Machart Mother: Delores Faye Childress 7 Tifany Gale Machart b:March 14,1984 in Houston,Harris Co,Tx 7 Natalie Lynn Machart b:July 29,1991 in Houston,Harris Co,Tx 7 Emily Patricia Machart b:Nov 29,1996 in Houston,Harris Co,Tx *2nd Husband of Barthlynn Gale McKelvey +Leonard Nile McCoy b:July 25,1923 in West Virginia m:Dec 12, 1970 in Mexico/Richmond,Tx Father:Brennie Samuel McCoy Mother:Pearl Missouri Brock *2nd Wife of Roscoe Barton McKelvey,Jr. +Bell m:1947 in Alice,Texas 5 Ariel Belinda McKelvey b:1947 in Alice,Tx 5 Roscoe Barton McKelvey b:1949 in Alice,Tx 5 Richard McKelvey b:1950 in Alice,Tx 5 Barbara McKelvey b:1955 in Alice,Tx 5 Russell McKelvey b:1962 in Alice,Tx 4 Russell McKelvey b:1917 in Madison Co,Ala d:in Oregon +Ariel(Dink) 3 Carl McKelvey b:August 1889 in Ala 3 LuLu B. McKelvey b:Nov. 1891 in Ala +Ben Cowley 2 Josephine Hulsey b:1865 in Ala +Henry Dyer 2 William Hulsey b:1869 in Jackson Co,Ala


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WILLIAM HANSELL HULSEY:Member of Alabama Academy of Honor




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