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The Certificates of Service in the American Revolution on File in the
Office of the Secretary of State in the State Capital of Georgia
lists these Peavys as Revolutionary Soldiers:

*PEAVY, Abraham EX order from Gov. Houstoun for bounty upon personal knowledge of him as a soldier, Jan. 2, 1784.

*PEAVY, Dyal Certificate of Jas. McNeil, Col., April 3, 1784. Petitioner prays bounty in Washington County.

*PEAVY,John Certificate of Jas. McNeil, Col., Feb. 2, 1784.

*PEAVY, Joseph Certificate of Jas. McNeil, Col., March 18, 1784. Petitioner prays bounty in Washington County.

*PEAVY, Peter Certificate of Jas. McNeil, Col., Feb. 22, 1784. Petitioner prays 287 1/2 acres in Washington County.

*PEAVY, Dial 287 1/2 acres, Washington County, bounded N College Lands, E Nathl, Rumbley, S. Vacant, W. unknown, survey 892-July 10, 1785.

On the Certified Lists of Georgia Troops of the Line Appendix E, copied by Mrs. William Lawson Peel, the following Peavys are listed:

*PEAVY, Nathaniel, Lieut.

*PEAVY, Abram

*PEAVY, Dial

*PEAVY, John

*PEAVY, Peter NEW HAMPSHIRE *PEAVY, Anthony b abt 1765 N.H. d p 5-18-1817 N.H. m Betsy Hammond Pvt. N.H. - DAR PATRIOT INDEX

*PEAVY, Edward, b c 1730 N.H. d 8-24-1777 N.H. m Lucy Pvt N.H. - DAR PATRIOT INDEX

*PEAVY, Hudson, b 2-11-1711 N.H. d c 1785 N.H. m Madeline Brown PS NH DAR PATRIOT INDEX

NORTH CAROLINA *LUTTRELL, John 15th Virginia Field Officer of Regiment of the Continental Line - North Carolina Line - Lieutenant Colonel of the 9th North Carolina; Served from 27 November 1776 through 01 June 1778. *PEAVY, Joseph b c 1734 N.C. d a 11-3-1817 Ga. m Ann - PS N.C. - DAR PATRIOT INDEX


*ADAIR, Alexander He served in the Militia. A.A.18; S347.

*ADAIR, Benjamin m: Catherine He served in the militia, lost a horse in service, and was killed on 10 March 1781. A.A. 19;S348; Annuitants Claims.

*ADAIR, Isaac m:Ruth He served in Picken's brigade(One source says Marion's Brigade) and was killed in April 1781. A.A. 20;S346; Annuitant's Claims.

*ADAIR, James, Sr. See James Adare, Sr.

*ADAIR, James, Jr. b:c1755 d:July 1835 m: Anna He served in the Militia. Patriot Index.

*ADAIR, John b:1759, Duncan Creek, S.C. d:1812 m:Jane Jones He enlisted during 1779, was captured near Charlotte and held in Prison at Camden. (Moved to Ga.) McCall, III,2.

*ADAIR, John b:9/20 January 1757 d:8/9 May 1840 m:Catherine Palmer He served from 1779 to 1780 under Col. Winn and was in the surrender of Charleston. Thereafter, he joined Gen. Sumter as a militiaman and was in the engagements at Williamson's Plantation, at Rocky Mount and at Hanging Rock and was made a Captain shortly thereafter by Sumter. By the fall of that year, he was a major. He was captured once and exchanged. He engaged in fourteen battles, the last of which was Eutaw Springs. At one time, he was aide-de-camp to Sumter. He served as a general in the War of 1812. Later he became a member of Congress and was governor of Kentucky. Patriot Index; D.A.B.; (Kitchens, Zazhary, R5999).

*ADAIR, John, Jr. He served in the militia under Col. Anderson after the fall of Charleston. A.A.22; S349

*ADAIR, Joseph He served under Col. Lacey and was at Huck's Defeat. C.S.

*ADAIR, Joseph, Sr. b:1711 d:1801 m:1.Sarah Laferty 2. Susannah Long He served as a commissary of the Little River Regiment under Col. Casey. From 20 August 1781 to March 1782, he served under Col. Washington and others. Patriot Index; A.A. 23;X1955.

*ADAIR, Joseph, Jr. b:1733 d:17 October 1812 m:Sarah Dillard He served as a Lieutenant and Deputy Commissary. Patriot Index; S.C.H.& G.;XLIX,229;A.A.23;X1955;Kinfolks, 1233.

*ADAIR, Robert m:Elizabeth He lost six horses while serving in the militia and was killed by Indians. R628;C.S.;Annuitants Claims.

*ADAIR, William d:15 May 1808 m:Catherine James He served as a lieutenant in the Sixth Regiment and was captured at the fall of Charleston. In addition, he was an adjutant under Col. Lacey. Yearbook, 1893.

*ADAIR, William He served in Marion's brigade and was a wagoner under Col. Winn at Monck's Corner. A.A.25;F387;II06. *MCKELVEEN, William See William McElveen

*MCKELVEY, Alexander He enlisted in the Second Regiment on 4 November, 1775. He deserted on 21 October 1776. N.A.853.

*MCKELVEY, Andrew He served in the Rangers under Capt. Charles Heatley and Col. Thomson during 1775. S.C. H.&G.,III,74.

*MCKELVEY, Hugh He served in the militia after the fall of Charleston. A.A.5097;P287.

*MCKELVEY, John He served in the militia after the fall of Charleston. A.A.5099;P286

*MCKELVEY, Matthew He enlisted in the Sixth Regiment on 14 July 1776. N.A.853

*MCKELVEY, Robert d. c.1812 He served as aide-de-camp to Gen. Sumter in the battle at Blackstock's Plantation. In addition, he served as a lieutenant and captain in the cavalry under Col. Maham during 1781 and 1782. A.A.5100; G266;VDD109;110.

*MCKELVLE, Alexander He enlisted during August 1775 in the Second Regiment under Capt. Bernard Elliot and Col. Moultrie.S.C.H.&G.,XVII,100.

MCKELVY, William b:1744, Ireland d:11 August 1834 m: Mary Mason, January or February 1789. After enlisting during 1776 or 1777 under a Capt. Bauldin(?) and Col. Pickens, he marched into Georgia against the Indians. Next, he served under Capt. William Wilson as a mounted militiaman. In addition, he served under a Capt. Caldwell and Col. Pickens and was in the battle at Stono. (Moved to N.C.,Va.,Tenn.,Ky., and Tenn.)


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