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*PEEVEY, Wade H. 7th Regiment(Perkins Battlion of Mississippi Militia Private
*CALLAWAY,George Capt. Callaway's Co,Mounted Riflemen,La. Militia Sgt *CALLAWAY, James Capt. Callaway's Co,Mounted Riflemen, La. Militia Captain *CALLAWAY,John Capt. Callaway's Co,Mounted Riflemen, La. Militia Sgt. *CALLAWAY, Larkin S. Capt. Callaway's Co,Mounted Riflemen, La. Militia Sgt. *CALLAWAY, Peter Capt. Callaway's Co,Mounted Riflemen, La. Militia Private *CALLIWAY, George Capt. Callaway's Co,Mounted Riflemen, La. Militia Sgt. *CALLIWAY, Peter Capt. Callaway's Co,Mounted Riflemen, La. Militia Private *CALLIWAYS, John Capt. Callaway's Co,Mounted Riflemen, La. Militia Captain



*ADAIR, Hiram, Elizabeth (Jenkins), GA, W-0#29093, SC-9670, m 1816 or 17 jasper Cty,GA, srv Henry Lane's GA Mil, lived Randolph & Early Ctys GA *ADAIR, James, Sarah (Sharp), AR & AL, WC-15156, m 10 Mar 1828 Pickens Cty SC, sd 8 Aug 1850 in DeKalb Cty AL, srv Norton's SC Mil, lived DeKalb Cty Al & Sharp Cty AR *ADAIR, James, or James Odear, Malinda, WC-34782, srv TN Mil *ADAIR, John, Mary (Oar), PA, WC-4397, m about 1811 to 1813 Lancaster Cty, PA, sd about 1837 or 1838 in FL, wd 15 Jan 1875, srv John Robinson's PA Mil *ADAIR, John, Rebecca (1st h Ramsey), IL, WC-18346, m 21 Jan 1841 Perry Cty IL, sd 11 Jan 1852, srv Chestnuts SC Mil, lived Perry Cty IL & wid also lived Worth City MO *ADAIR, John, Margaret (Wilson), KY, WC-24613, SC-24504, m 27 Jan 1820 laurens Cty SC, sd 4 Jun 1878 Graves Cty KY, srv B. Lewis' SC Mil, lived Graves Cty Ky *ADAIR, Patrick, no pension, srv Whaley's PA Mil, BLW #s 809-80-50 & 3903-80-55 *ADAIR, Richard, Mary, KY, WC-1048, m 13 Jan 1812 Bourbon Cty KY, sd 1 Dec 1866, srv James Poindexter's KY Mil, lived Nicholas & Bourbon Ctys KY, widow's maiden name (Tarr) *ADAIR, Robert, Elzia (Bishop), NJ, WC-20853, m 30 Oct 1824 Plainfield NJ, sd 31 Jan 1845 Perth Amboy NJ, wd about 1855, srv Webb's NJ Mil, lived Middlesex Cty NJ *ADAIR, Samuel, no pension, srv Penny's OH Mil, BLW #17933-160-50 *ADAIR, Whitmill H., SC-4012, 2nd wife Rachel (Colbert), m 14 Feb 1865 Paulding Cty GA, srv in Martin Boone's GA Mil, lived Paulding Cty GA *ADAIR, William, NC, SC-9447, Asenia?, wife died about 1859, srv Frost's NC Mil, lived McDowell & Rutherford Ctys, NC

*CHILDERS, Harmon, Old War IF-#9165, srv Capt Coleman's Co KY Mil *CHILDERS, Joseph, Mary (Hicks or Hix) WC-2871, m 19 Jan 1815 Greenbrier Cty VA, sd 4 Feb 1858 Westport IN, wd 18 Jul 1881 Unionville MO, srv John Henry's VA Mil, lived DeCatur Cty IN *CHILDERS, Mosby, SC-1361, srv Joseph W. Ross' OH Mil, lived Madison & Wabash Ctys IN *CHILDERS, Robert, Mary, Old War WF-#13154 Rej, srv Capt Tipton's Co TN Inf *CHILDERS, William, Fanny (Vest) WC-29131, m 1815 Stokes Cty NC, sd 11 Sep 1861 Surry Cty NC, srv in John Bradshaw's NC Mil, lived Surry Cty NC *CHILDERS, William, Jr., no pension claim, srv Capt Davidson's Co VA Mil, BLW #s 41887-80-50 & 28441-80-55 *CHILDERS, William F., no pension claim, srv Capt Carr's Co VA Mil, BLW #23628-80-50

*CHILDRESS, Abram, Jane (1st h Turner) WC-24304, m 17 July 1851 Franklin Cty VA, sd 1 Mar 1866, srv Fergerson's VA Mil, lived Franklin Cty VA *CHILDRESS, Anderson W., sub for Elkanah Brooks, SC-25298, srv Capt Samuel G. Adams'Co VA Mil *CHILDRESS, Andrew, Sophia (McManamy) WC-10511, m 8 Jan 1835 Rock- bridge Cty VA, sd 14 Mar 1851, wd about 1888, srv John Hamon's VA Mil, lived Rockbridge Cty VA *CHILDRESS, Charles, Sarah (Apperson) WC-22975, SC-16633, m 16 Jan 1832 Hanover Cty VA, sd 30 Mar 1872, wd 12 Apr 1881 Auburn Mills VA, srv Nathaniel Bowe's & Haley Cole's Co's VA Mil, lived Hanover Cty VA *CHILDRESS, Pendleton R., SC-2660, Nancy (Faudree) m 18 Dec 1817 Goochland City, VA, srv Capt Samuel G. Adam's VA Mil, lived Goochland Cty, VA *CHILDRESS, Thomas, Jane M. (Birch) WC-23984, m 28 Nov 1821 Goochland Cty VA, sd 25 Dec 1870 or 75, wd about 1890, srv William M. Holman's VA Mil, lived Goochland & Fluvanna Ctys VA *CHILDRESS, William or William Childers or William G. Childress *CHILDRESS, William, Elizabeth (Brannen) WC-30376, SC-4384, m 1812 Conecuh Cty AL, sd 19 May 1876 in Childressville AL, srv Terrner's Co 18th US Inf, Bankhead's, Coleman's, Muhlenberg's & George Melvin's Co's 4th US Inf, lived Crenshaw Cty AL, wid also lived Coffee Cty AL *CHILDRESS, Winney (Bruden) WC-3715, m 13 Nov 1810 Russell Cty VA sd 17 Nov 1866 Wolf Cty KY, srv John Hamon's VA Mil, lived Owsley & Wolf Ctys KY *CHILDRESS, William G. or William Childress or Childers, Sarah (Poe) WC-19746, m 9 May 1824 Bibb Cty AL, sd Oct 1865 Choctaw Cty MS, wd prior to 23 Jan 1886, srv H. Lane's GA Mil, lived in Choctaw Cty MS, wid also lived Summer Cty MS

*MCKELLERY, William alias William McKelvy, WC-30517, srv Capt D. Dull's Co OH Mil

*MCKELVAIN, Daniel, SO-27824, srv Capt James Long's Co SC Mil, alleged

*MCKELVEY, Henry, Nancy, WO-26020, srv Capt Martin's Co SC Mil *MCKELVEY, Jacob or Jacob McKelvy, SO-26947, srv Capt Jacob Butcher's Co NJ Mil *MCKELVEY, John, Rebecca, WC-30881, SC-14048, srv Capt James Wood's Co SC Mil as a Pvt *MCKELVEY, Thomas Payne, Barbary, WO-45259, alleged srv as a Capt, no record found *MCKELVEY, William alias William McKelvy, WC-30517, srv D. Dull's Co OH Mil

*MCKELVY, Jacob alias Jacob McKelvey, SO-26947, srv Capt Jacob Butcher's Co NJ Mil *MCKELVY, William, Electa, WC-30517, SC-25242, srv Capt D. Dull's Co OH Mil *MCKELVY, William, Martha, WO-21096, srv Capt Dickson's Co TN Mil

*MEDLIN, Britlow or Brittan, WC-28823, srv Capt William J Smith's Co TN Mil as Pvt *MEDLIN, Brittan or Britlow, Margaret, WC-28823, srv Capt William J Smith's Co TN Mil *MEDLIN, John, Elizabeth, WO-5139, srv Capt Sullivan's Co NC Mil *MEDLIN, Kinchen, Dille, WC-29284, SO-4077, srv Ensign Willis Whitaker's Co NC Mil *MEDLIN, Kinchin, see Kinchen Medlin, WC-29284 *MEDLIN, Kurchin, see Kinchen Medlin, WC-29284 *MEDLIN, Littleton, SC-14014, srv Capt Charles Wade's Co TN Mil as Pvt *MEDLIN, Riley alias Riley Medley, Mary, WC-29773, srv Brvt Maj J.E. Dinken's Co 4th US Inf *MEDLIN, William alias William Munden, WO-34382, srv Capt Bryant's Co VA Mil *MEDLIN, Wilson, Sarah, WC-7874, SC-11392, srv Capt Charles Wade's Co TN Mil as a Pvt

*PEAVEY, Isaiah, SC-18806, srv Capt Wm Corson's Co NH Mil as a Pvt *PEAVEY, Jacob, Sarah, WC-25245, SC-10620, srv Capt Jonathan Stark's Co 11th US Inf & Capt Wm Gregg's Co NH Mil as a Pvt *PEAVEY, James, Mary, WC-22600, srv Capt Smith's & Capt Holt's Co NH Mil *PEAVEY, John, Old War IF-illegible, srv as a Pvt in Capt King's Co US Inf *PEAVEY, John W. or John Peavy, Hannah W., WO-45332, SC-22093, srv Capt Nath'l Gilman's Co NH Mil *PEAVEY, Joseph L., Mary D., WC-20949, srv Capt Hugh Moore's Co NH Mil as a Pvt *PEAVEY, Peter alias Peter Pevey, WC-29330, srv Capt William Gregg's Co NH Mil *PEAVEY, Thomas, SC-23028, srv Capt William Courson's Co NH Mil *PEAVEY, William, Eunice, WO-38422, no other data on the jacket

*PEAVY, Allen, Old War IF-#25741, srv Capt King's Co GA Vols as a Pvt *PEAVY, Daniel, srv in GA Mil, rest of the jacket was illegible *PEAVY, John or John W. Peavey, WO-45332, srv Capt Nath'l Gilman's Co NH Mil

*PEEVY, Daniel or Daniel Pevy, SC-4755, srv Capt Turner's & Capt Shiver's Co's GA Mil


AL-Alabama,Adj-Adjutant,Apr-April,AZ-Arizona,AK-Arkansas, Arty-Artillery,Asst-Assistant,Aug-August,Bttn-Battalion,Bttry-Battery, BLW-Bounty Land Warrant,Brvt-Brevet,Brig-Brigade or Brigadier, CA-California,Capt-Captain,Cav-Cavalry,Col-Colonel,CO-Colorado, Co-Company,CT-Connecticut,cont-continued or contesting,Cpl-Corporal, Cty-County,Dec-December,DL-Deleware,Dept-Department,Detch-Detachment, Disc-discharge,Dist-District,Engrs-Engineers,enl-enlisted, Feb-February,Fed-Federal,FL-Florida,Gen or Gen'l-General,GA-Georgia, grdn-guardian,Hosp-Hospital,h-husband,IL-Illinois,IN-Indiana, Indpt-Independent,Inf-Infantry,I-Invalid,IC-Invalid's Certificate, IF-Invalid's File,IO-Invalid's Orginal,IA-Iowa,Jan-January,Jul-July, Jun-June,KN-Kansas,KY-Kentucky,Lt-Lieutenant,LA-Louisiana,ME-Maine, Maj-Major,Mar-March,m-married,MD-Maryland,MA-Massachusetts, Mstr-Master,Mex-Mexican,MI-Michigan,Mil-Militia,MN-Minnesota, M-Minor's,MC-Minor's Certificate,MO-Minor's Original,MO-Missouri, MS-Mississippi,MT-Montana,Mt-Mount,Mtd-Mounted,NB-Nebraska,NV-Nevada, NH-New Hampshire,NJ-New Jersey,NM-New Mexico,NY-New York, NC-North Carolina,ND-North Dakota,Nov-November,Oct-October,OH-Ohio, OK-Oklahoma,Ord-Ordnance or Orderly,OR-Oregon,PA-Pennsylvania, Phila-Philadelphia,Pvt-Private,Qtr-Quarter,Reb-Rebellion, Regt-Regiment,reg-registered,Rej-Rejected,Reg-Regular,res-residence or resident,RI-Rhode Island,ST-Saint,Scts-Scouts,Sep-September, Sgt-Sergeant,srv-served or service,Sig-Signal,Sol-Soldier,sd-Soldier died,SC-South Carolina,SD-South Dakota,Sta-Station,sub-substitute, SC-Survivor's Certificate,SF-Survivor's File,SO-Survivor's Original, TN-Tennessee,Terr-Territory,TX-Texas,US-United States,USMC-United States Marine Corps,USN-United States Navy,UT-Utah,VT-Vermont, VA-Virginia, WA-Washington,W VA-West Virginia,wid-widow,WC-Widow's Certificate,wd-widow died,WF-Widow's File,WO-Widow's Original, WI-Wisconsin,WY-Wyoming

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