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Capt. Thomas H. Owen's Company was organized in 1861 and was originally comprised almost entirely of men from the southeastern part of Madison Co., Alabama and particularly the communities of Owens Cross Roads, Berkley, and Vienna(New Hope). As the State of Alabama was not prepared to arm the unit, the company on October 8, 1861, was mustered as Company E into the 37th Tennessee Infantry Regiment which was enroute from its own organization site at Camp Ramsey, near Knoxville, Tennessee to Camp Sam Hayes, Germantown, Shelby Co., Tennessee. The original brigade of three regiments and indeed it was for a time known as the 1st East Tennessee Rifles, 7th Tennessee Infantry. However, it too had considerable difficulty securing arms of any sort, much less rifles, so that the latter name was soon dropped. An assortment of old shotguns, country rifles and muskets was finally acquired and the regiment on November 14 started for Knoxville and its eventual joining with General Zollicoffer in southeastern Kentucky.

The regiment was at Mill Springs, Kentucky, on January 16th, but not actively engaged in the nearby Battle of Fishing Creek. After the defeat at Fishing Creek, the regiment was marched across Tennessee and Alabama and was eventually transported by rail to Burnsville, Mississippi, and outpost on the right wing of the Army at the Battle of Shiloh in April 1862.

Capt. Owens was replaced by Capt. John W. Grayson in the re-organization of the regiment that took place May 10, 1862. By the fall of the year, the regiment was again in Kentucky where it was engaged in the Battle of Perryville on October 8, 1862. It is interesting to note that in December 1861, the regiment reported a strength of 771; ten months later, having been engaged in no major battles, there were only 230 men available for Perryville. This is indicative of the heavy attrition which disease played in the reduction of Confederate regiments.

In the Battle of Murfreesboro, December 31, 1862-January 2, 1863, the 37th lost 68 men out of 225 engaged. The regiment then moved to Chattanooga to rest and recruit until June 1863 when it was combined into a field unit with the 15th Tennessee. The 15th/37th lost 121 out of 230 engaged at Chickamauga September 19-20, 1863 and lost heavily at the Battle of Missionary Ridge, November 25, 1863. As a part of Hardee's Corps, the regiment participated in the Atlanta Campaign and the return to Tennessee under General John B. Hood. It was in the Battles of Franklin and Nashville and as a part of Brigadier General J.B. Palmer's Brigade, was surrendered and paroled at Greensboro,North Carolina, May 1, 1865.

The roster follows....The ages of the men are given as of the date of muster, October 8, 1861 where available..Those killed(k) or wounded(w) in the various battle are also noted.

Achley, Jasper, 34

Achley, Joseph P., 34

Achley, William, 19

Adair, Samuel J.

Allison, James L., 22

Allison, William C., 20, 3SGT.

Alvis, Thomas D.

Anyan, George H.

Ashburn, Davis C. B. , 24, 1SGT w-Perryville

Benson, James M.

Berry, Ephrain

Bowers, Thomas, 21

Branum, Thomas J., 20

Bulman, Henry J., 33, 1SGT

Buford, Silas C. O., 20, w-Perryville

Buford, William D., 24

Carter, Anderson G., 18

Caudle, William T., 17

Chandler, John M., 24

Chunn, William R., 17

Clark, James K.P., 17

Clark, John W., 22, w-Murfreesboro

Clark, William C., 22

Clarkson, John W., 26

Cloud, William J., 18, w-Perryville

Cobb, John S., 19

Cobb, Seymore, 40

Cobb, Theophilus T., 26

Collier, Isham J., 3SGT, w- Chickamauga

Collier, James H.

Collier, William C., 19, 1Lt., k-Missionary Ridge

Craft, E.B.

Craft, Ezekiel M

Craft, James F.

Dilworth, George S. , 34

Dilworth, John T., 38, 3Cpl, w-Murfreesboro


Dunn, Harvey T.

Dunn, John J.

Dunn, Robert C.

Eason, George W., 21

Ellett, George W., 21

Ellett, Richard, 32

Esslinger, Levi W., 2Lt.

Flippen, Newton

Grayson, Charles A., 18 2Sgt

Grayson, James B.

Grayson, Jerome

Grayson, John C., 18, 2Lt., k-Chickamauga

Grayson, John W., 23, Capt., w-Missionary Ridge

Grayson, Wody, Cook

Hanner, John J., 20

Herren, Edward W., 20

Herren, Harrison D.

Higgs, Samuel H.

Hill, Quincy M., 22, 2Cpl.

Hill, W.F.

Hinnard, Elijah, 24

Hollis, James A., 29

Hunt, George W., 20

Inman, James M.

Jacobs, William R., 44, Officers Cook

Jenkins, Joseph F.

Johnson, John W. 2Lt, Chaplain

Lanier, Lazarus, 22, w-Chickamauga

Lanier, William D., 16

Lanier, Clemens C., 21, 3SGT, w-Missionary Ridge

Lasley, John L., 24, w-Missionary Ridge

Latham, Charles, 23

Layne, Harvey M., 24, 1lt.

Layne, R.E.

Layne, W.J

Ledbetter, William M., w-Chickamauga

Lewis, William D., 17

Mann, William W.

Mathews, James F., 26

Mathewson, John W., 29

McMunn, Jesse, 20

Medlin, Josiah E.

Medlin, Richard H., 21

Middleton, Robert W, 24 1SGT, w-Chickamauga

Miller, james E., 23

Moon, Jacob W.F., 22

Moon, James L., 25, 4Cpl

Moon, John P. 2Cpl

Moon, John William, 16

Moon, Nathaniel, 17

Moon, Richard, 29

Moon, William H.

Moone, William R.D.

Moore, Charles W.

Moore, Henry H., 24

Nail, Robert L., 24

Nickles, George T.

Nickles, Henry H.

Nickles, James D., 22, 1Cpl

Nickles, William C.

Owens, Thomas H., 31, Capt.

Pate, James

Peevey, William H., 17

Poor, George W., 27, 4SGT

Poor, James H., 59, 3LT

Poor, James M., 3SGT

Rich, Charles N.

Rich, James E., w-Chickamauga

Rich, Jeremiah K.P., w-Chickamauga

Rich, William V., 23, w-Chickamauga

Robertson, W.

Sammons, Andrew B., w-Chickamauga

Sartain, Hopkins L.

Schrimsher, Robert J., 19, 5SGT

Schrimsher, Thomas J., 17, 2CPL

Seat, L.M.

Seward, Edward W., 19

Smith, Archibald, 36

Smoot, Ausman K.

Smoot, J.T.

Southall, John G., 37, 2Lt, w-Chickamauga

Spivy, Stephen J., 21, 4SGT

Spivy, William J., 18, 4CPL

Sublett, John B.

Taylor, James C., 23

Taylor, John W., 35, w-Murfreesboro

Taylor, John W., 20

Taylor, Robert, 23

Watson, Warren P.

Whitehead, William

Whiten, Calvin H., 23

Wilman, Sylvester p.

Woody, Thomas, w-Atlanta Campaign

Wright, James K.P., 17

Webb, John H., 37


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