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To the Hon. R.A.J. Crumbee Judge of the Probate Court....

Your Petitioner, RICHARD BLAIR, Administrator of the Estate of
JOSEPH ADAIR, late of said county deceased, respectfully
represents unto your Honor that he was on or of
May, 1885 appointed the Administrator...on said estate, and
that from the amount & character of the claims presented to him,
he is satisfied that said estate is solvent.

Your Petitioner further states & represents that the heirs of the
said decedent are his children viz BETSY MCKELVEY, wife of JOHN
BLAIR, all of whom are lawful age and reside in Tallapoosa County
& State of Alabama.

MATILDY DEASON, wife of ALFRED DEASON, who is of lawful age &
resides in Fayette County, Ala.

Also JACKOLINE SAXON, wife of JAMES SAXON, who is of lawful age &
resides in Hood County, Texas and SARAH MCKELVEY, wife of WILLIAM
MCKELVEY, who is of lawful age & resides in Hood County, Texas.

Also the children & heirs of WASHINGTON ADAIR dec'd. viz: LOU
are of lawful age & reside somewhere in the State of Texas but in
what county Petitioner cannot state.

The children of NANCY JANE MCKELVEY, dec'd viz: MARY ELIZABETH
........, SARAH BINTON & JEFF MCKELVEY, all of whom are lawful
age. MARY ELIZABETH .......... & SARAH BINTON reside somewhere in
the State of Texas, last residence unknown. JEFF MCKELVEY resides
in Marshall County, Alabama.

The children of MARGARET BLAIR,dec'd viz: DONIE BLAIR, who is over
14 & under 21 years of age & resides with his father LEROY BLAIR
in Clay County, Alabama.

Your Petitioner further states that the land belonging to the said
Dec'd consists of one parcel to wit: North East Fourth (1/4) of
the North East Fourth (1/4) of Section Thirty One (31) Township
Twenty Four (24) Range Twenty One (21) situated in the County of
Tallapoosa & State of Alabama which said lot of land cannot be
divided among these mentioned, equitably. Your Petioner therefore
states, that he looking the interest of all interested therein,
or concerned would be best profited by a sale thereof, and a
disposition of the proceed made, among said heirs according to
their ....... rights, respectively.

Wherefore your Petitioner prays your Honor to order & decree that
he is in all things, authorized to sell said land for cash for
the purpose of making a division of said estate among said heirs,
according to the Statute in such cases made; and that such
proceedings, orders & decrees may be made & had in the premises
as may be necessary to effect such sale for said purpose
according to law & your petitioner will ever pray & c.




In the name of God, Amen. I JOSEPH ADAIR of the State of South
Carolina and County of Laurens Cooper: being through the abundant
mercy of God, though weak in body yet of a sound & perfect under-
standing and memory;Do constitute this my last will and Testament
and desire it may be received as such. First I most humbly be-
queath my soul to God, my maker, beseeching his most gracious
exceptance of it. Through the all sufficient merits and
meditations of my most compassionate redeemer Jesus Christ who
gave himself to be and attonement for my sins and is able to save
to the uttermost all that come to God by him seeing he ever
liveth to make the intersession for them and who I trust will not
reject me a returning penetant sinner when I come to him for
mercy. In this hope and confidance I render up my soul with
comfort, humbly be-seeching the most Glorious and blessed
Trinity, one God most Holy most mercifull and gratious to prepare
me for my desolution and then to take me to himself into that
plan of rest a incomparable felicity which he hath prepared for
all that love his holy name Amen.
Blessed be God I give my body to the earth from whence it was
taken in full assurance of its resurrection from thence at the
last day.As for my burial I desire it to be decent without Pomp
or state at the discretion of my dear wife who I doubt not will
manage it with all pre???????. As to my worldly estate I will
and possitively order that all my debts be paid, and next I give
and bequeath to SUSANNA my dearly beloved wife all my stock of
black cattle and hogs with all the pewter of my dresser; and one
hundred and Sixty(cannot be read) dollars which is in the hands
of my son JOSEPH ADAIR and all the store of my grain that may be
mine at the time of my death for her support also all the
farming(illegeable) that belong to me at my death. Also my beads
and bed furniture to(illegeable) the same during her life, and
at her decease to go to my son JAMES ADAIR; also to my son
JOSEPH ADAIR I give and bequeath the remainder of the continental
money that remains in the estate. Also one long posted bedstead
and my armed chair, also I give and bequeathunto my son JAMES
ADAIR the one half of my Coopers Tools; and other utensils
belonging to my trade with the whole of my wearing apparel,
as also my chest at the decease of my wife; Also to my son
BENJAMIN ADAIR, I give and bequeath the other half of my
Coopers Tools, and utensils belonging to my trade; as also the
half of that twenty pounds old currency which he had of me for
which he was to have pailled a grave hard, which he never
performed; also to my daughter JEAN RAMMAGE, I give and bequeath
my bracs scales; Also to my daughter SARAH ADAIR, I give and
bequeath that other half of that twenty pound old currency which
is in the hands of my son, BENJAMIN ADAIR; Also I give her at the
death of my wife that Iron Pot that was her mothers with my iron
crook; also I give and bequeath to my daughter MARY OWINS my
biggest iron pot, and my coarse flax hackle at the decease of her
mother and to her husband JOHN OWINS the one half of the sawed
plank of my loft and floor; and if it shall please God to call me
home by this present disease, it is my will that the money he owes
me should go to defray my funeral charges. Also to ROBERT LONG my
son-in-law I give and bequeath the other half of the plank of my
loft and floor. And I do by these presents nominate constitute
and appointand ordain as the Executors of this my last will and
testament; my truly and well beloved sons JOSEPH and JAMES
ADAIR; and I do hereby Revoke and disallow and make null and void
every former will by me made, ratifying and confirming this and
no other to be my last will and testament. In witness thereof I
have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this Ninth day of
January in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and
Eighty Eight. Signed and sealed in the presence of

James Montgomery
Wm Bourlande
James (I) GREEK


Recorded in Book A. page 19. Proven date not available.
Original Will not in files of Probate Judge Office.


State of South Carolina Laurens District. In the name of God,
Amen.Know all men by these presents that I, JOSEPH ADAIR, of the
same State and District are now in good health and in my natural
senses at this date and time make this my last will and testament.
At my death, I bequeath my body to the tomb, my soul to the
almighty God, me maker and cratar and Jesus Christ my redeemer.
Likewise I give and bequeath unto JOHN ADAIR, my son, all the land
that I layed of for him, that RICHARD HOLLEN and JOHN PRIER now
lives on and one negro woman named JUKE. Likewise, I give and
bequeath unto my son JAMES ADAIR all that part of a tract of land
he now lives on lying on the South Side of Littel Dunkins Creek
ADAIR and one negro man named DUKE. Likewise, I give and bequeath
unto my son ROBERT ADAIR the money that he did receive from
ALEXANDER WILKERSON for a tract of land made over by me and my son
ELISHA ADAIR to said WILKERSON and one negro girl named TAMER.
Likewise, I give and bequeath to my son ELISHA ADAIR all that part
of land I now live on containing three hundred and seventy five
acres more or less, resurvayed by JOHN A. ELMORE, one negro boy
named MORRIS, one new waggon and all her harness. Likewise,I give
and bequeath unto JOSEPH ADAIR, son of ELISHA ADAIR, one set of
silver coat buttons, and one set of silver breaches buttons to my
son ROBERT ADAIR. I likewise, give and bequeath unto my daughter
ELIZABETH and her husband JOHN HUTRON one negro girl named CHAVIS
to be tharne during there natural life, and at their death to be
equally divided among all ELIZABETH HUTRON'S children of her
natural body. Likewise,I give and bequeath unto my daughter JANE,
wife of THOMAS HOLLAND,one negro girl named Dice.Likewise,I give
and bequeath unto my daughter CASEY, wife of THOMAS MCCRAREY one
negro woman named SID.Likewise, I give and bequeath unto CHARTY,
wife of DAVID LITTEL, one negro woman named SARAH and all the rest
of my perishable property to be equally divided among my eight
children of my natural body. I hereby set my hand and seal this
20th of January, 1812. It being in the thirty sixth and thirty
seventh year of American Independency. And I do here appoint
ELISHA ADAIR and JOHN ADAIR my Executors. Witness present

Joseph Adair(Seal)

Richard Holland
William Adair
George McCrary

Recorded in Will Book D-1, Page 105. Recorded date not available.
Proven Jan. 15, 1813. David Anderson Ordy.


In the name of God, Amen. I, HANNAH ADAIR, being in a low and
afflicted state, and calling to mind the frailly and mortality of
us may think proper, do make and constitute the following my last
will and testament. I commend my soul and body into the merciful
hands of that God, from whom I received them, trusting in him to
save through the merit of his son, Jesus Christ. It is my desire
that my heirs bury my body in a decent Christian manner, hoping &
believing God will raise it at the great resurrection day.It is my
will after the following sums are paid to some of my grandchildren
to wit,to PATSY GAMBLE,the sum of fifty dollars to be paid to her
when she comes of age. To JINNY BEAVERS one cow and calf, and to
all the rest of my grandchildren whose parents are dead the sum
of one dollar.Then all the rest of my property consisting of
negros stock and household furniture to be sold and equally
divided among my living children viz ELEMOR RAMMAGE, JAMES ADAIR,
money I may leave and debts due to me on note or otherwise to be
equally divided among the above mentioned children, with crop
or any other property belonging to me and C. I wish SUSANNAH
CASTLES part to be given to herself for the use of her children.
It is not my will that WILLIAM CASTLES should have any management
of it, but that it should be the property of my daughter SUSANNAH
and her children after her. And I do hereby constitute my son
JAMES ADAIR as my executor to put this my will into effect. And I
do hereby certify and declare this to be my last will and
testament, given under my hand and seal this twenty fifth day of
October, and in the year of our Lord and Saviour
Jesus Christ, one thousand eight hundred and twenty six and in the
fiftieth year of the Independence of the United States of
America. Signed in presence of us.

Her Mark


Recorded in Book F, Page 65. Recorded date not available.
Proven date December 4th, 1826. Bundle 3, Package 9.

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