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The State of Texas
County of Navarro.

Before me, the undersigned authority, a Notary Public in and for
Navarro, County, Texas, on this day personally appeared Mrs.
Margaret H. Miller, known to me to be a person of unquestioned
veracity, who deposes and says:

     On Tuesday, November 10, 1946, I made a trip from Corsicana,
Texas, my home, to Midlothian, Texas, in the company of Mrs. T.
Walter(Ruth Peevey) Erwin, Jr.

     We visited in the home of Mrs. Fannie Middleton and there I
copied the following records from her family bible.  Mrs. Middleton
is 92 years old and her full name is Margaret Ann Fannie Matilda
Penelope Evergreen Peevey Middleton.  I give her full name because
in the bible record her initials are used in several places.

     Mrs. Middleton's daughter, Mrs. Pearl McKennon did not wish
the bible to be removed from the home but graciously permitted us
to transcribe all the records found therein.  Her address is Box 94,
Midlothian, Texas, if any further corroboration than this affidavit
is required.

     The records are as follows:


     1. Wm. W. Peevey and Miss Racheal Lewis was married January th
31, 1845.
     2. J.H. Kelly and Susan Jane Rachael Peevey was married
September 1865.
     3. W.E. Middleton and Miss Fannie Peevey was married April
13th, 1873.
     4. Mr. G.W. Peevey and Miss Mollie(Mary) E.Wilson was married
December 31st, 1873.
     5. Charlie M. Root and Miss Mollie(Mary Lucy Wade) Peevey was
married Jan. 10th, 1878.


     The births of R.W. Peevey and Susan Peevey's children.

     William W. Peevey was borned February the 26, 1824.
     Elias W. Peevey was borned December the 31, 1826.
     Sematha E. Peevey was borned January the 4, 1828.
     Martha J. Peevey was borned March the 6, 1830.
     Mary C. Peevey was borned January the 19, 1832.
     Caroline R. Peevey was borned September the 28, 1834.
     John C. Peevey was borned July the 6, 1839.
     James K. Polk and George M. Dallas Peevey was borned
September the 18, 1841 (twins).

     The births of Wm. W. Peevey and Racheal Peevey's children:

     George Wm. Peevey was borned December the 8, 1845.
     Susan Jane Peevey was borned December the 24, 1847.
     Margaret Ann F.M.P.E. Peevey was borned August the 23, 1854.
     Mary Lucy Wade Peevey was born April 6th, 1858.
     The births of Geo. William Peevey and Mollie(Mary)Eleanor
Peevey's children:

     Johnnie May Peevey was born May 20, 1874.
     Carrie Eleanor was born Jan. 17, 1876.
     Julia Rosa Peevey was born February 18, 1879.
     William W. Peevey was born July 28, 1884.
     George Bates Peevey
     Mary Peevey was born April 9, 1889.

     The births of J.H. and Susan Jane Peevey Kelly's children:

     Joseph Edward Kelly was borned August the 26th, 1869.
     Sue E. Kelly was borned May the 7th, 1871.

     The births of W.E. and M.A.F.M.P.E. Peevey Middleton's

     Sue Merle Middleton was born May 24th, 1874.
     Laura Annis Middleton was born Dec. 10th, 1875.
     Mary Pearl Middleton was born December 20th, 1877.
     James Wade Middleton was born Dec. 3rd, 1879.
     Rachael Lewis, wife of Wm. W. Peevey was borned May 12th, 1824.

     The births of Charlie M. and Mary Lucy Wade Root's children:

     George Pool Root was born March 30th, 1879.
     Rena Reid Root was born Dec. 16, 1881.
     William Ephrain Root was born June 1st, 188?
     Eddie Hawkins Root was born Jan. 12, 1886.
     Fannie Kate Root was born Feb. 10, 1888.
     Roy Root was born Jan. 30, 1890.
     Tommie Miller Root was born Dec. 10, 1891.


     Susan Peevey died November 18, 1848.
     R.W. Peevey died January the 5th, 1856.
     Susan J.R. Kelly died May the 7th, 1871.
     Sue E. Kelly died June 5, 1871.
     Rena Reid Root died Oct. 25, 1884.
     Racheal Peevey died Aug. 19, 1882.
     Mary Eleanor Peevey died June 7, 1890.
     W.W. Peevey died Jan. 11th, 1894.

     Further Affiant sayeth not.

                      signed by:          Mrs. Margaret H. Miller

     Subscribed and sworn to before me this the 19th day of
December A.D., 1946.

                                          S.C. Barley
                                          Notary Public in and for
                                          Navarro County, Texas

Contributed by Mrs. Will Miller, 1405 Oak Lawn Drive, Corsicana,
Texas  75110

Notes by Mrs. Miller:

     Robert Watkins Peevey (1801-1856) married Susan Cromer 21 Dec.
1822, Madison Co.,Alabama.  He was the son of Dial Peevey who was on
the Madison Co.,Ala 1830 census, and then was on the Pope Co., Ark.
1840 census age 80-90 as a Revolutionary Soldier.  His wife was
Elizabeth (Wade?Watkins?). This Peevey family was in the Ellis-
Dallas Co., Texas area by 1860. They had originally migrated from
Orange Co., N.C. and Fairfield Co., S.C. and through Georgia into

* Note:  Copied from Alabama Valley Leaves, September 1971 Edition.



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