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My Childress Genealogy Award of Excellence is given to 2 websites per
month...It is given to those websites researching the Childress
Awards will be given to sites with information freely given to other
Childress researchers...
Size has nothing to do with the qualifications for winning....There are many
small sites with lots of good information and a webmaster willing to help
anyone that needs it
Your award will be identical to this but with the name of your website
on it...

Qualifications are simple

You must have a Childress website

Links must be easy to follow

Informative Content

Good presentation

Must Be "Family Friendly"

You may apply for The Childress Award if you wish....Simply email your website's name, url and your email address....Tell me why you believe your webpage should receive my award....I will review your page and get back to you...

1999 Winners

You are visitor #since September 5, 1999

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