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My McKelvey family has always been a fighting bunch...Most of the McKelveys came to this country not because they were hungry or seeking religious freedom....They came for the adventure...They were a clanish bunch...Family stuck together...My bunch settled in Alabama...from South Carolina to Jackson County to Madison County and eventually to Texas....A favorite story of my family is that when I was 3 years old...I put my hands on my hips and stated for all the world to hear..."Us McKelveys is tuff custafers"......


Last year on January 20th, I lost my darling Mother After 15 years of being her caregiver in her valient fight against Alzheimer's....I immediately became ill....I blamed it on exhaustion and grief.....I was tired of doctors and illness and believed that I would get over it with rest but When I became so fatigued and breathless that I could not walk from one room to another without gasping for air I went in for treatment....This past December, a week before Christmas, I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis, an auto-immune disease that is non-curable but treatable....It had attacked the lymph nodes in my own body...It has attacked my lungs....But it can attack just about any organ in your body......I am now in treatment...steroids and compounds that I breath in my lungs....I am also on oxygen almost 24 hrs. a day...But my doctor believes he can get me into remission in about 5 months....The problem is that this disease almost always rears it's ugly head again....My mother, husband and I have had an incredible experience for 15 years in our journey with Alzheimer's.....Now that I am on a new journey of my own, she is not here to help and lend me moral support....But my wonderful husband is...He is my friend and my caregiver when I am just too exhausted to even get out of bed.....My genealogy has taken a back seat for the past 10 years....Every aspect of my life has taken a back seat....My life became caring for my mother...her needs....her care.....When we lost her, I was unable to speak of it or put the information online....If you have wondered what happened to me....If I have not responded to emails...If my web pages are not updated...That is the reason....I don't know how much work I can do on my genealogy....I will have to work around my disease....Thank you for your prayers.....



A MURDER IN ABINGDON VILLAGE The murder of Lula B. McKelvey Cowley by her husband Benjamin F. Cowley

1 Henry McKelvey b:1790 in So.Carolina d:April 16, 1867 in Tallapoosa Co.,Ala. +Mrs. Martha Blakely d:bef 1838 in So. Carolina Robert Blakely(step-son) Margaret Blakely(step-daughter) Elizabeth Blakely(step-daughter) Martha Blakely(step-daughter) Agness Blakely(step-daughter) 2 William McKelvey b: 1818 in So. Carolina d: in Alabama +Nancy Jane Adair b: March 1, 1825 in Laurens Co So. Carolina d: 1853 in Tallapoosa Co., Ala m: January 1, 1844 in Coosa Co,Ala. Father:Joseph Adair Mother: Ann 3 Martha A. McKelvey b:1844 3 Mary E. McKelvey b: 1846 3 Elisha M. McKelvey b:1849 3 Sarah L. McKelvey b: 1852 +William Buntin 3 Thomas Jefferson McKelvey b:1853 in Tallapoosa Co Ala d:May 27, 1911 in Titus Co., Texas +Nancy R. Ward b: June, 1853 in Georgia d:Dec.30, 1921 in Texas m: Oct.23,1873 in Coosa Co,Ala 4 William Madison McKelvey b:March 30,1875 in Ala d:Aug.11,1959 in Titus Co.Texas +Georgia Lenora Owen b: Aug 9,1876 in Paulding Co Ga. d:Aug.14,1959 in Tex. m:Aug.19,1896 in Marshall Co, Ala. 5 Myrtle Victoria Mckelvey b:July 9,1897 in Ala d: Jan.24, 1983 in Texas +Thomas Hicks 6 Edward Hicks 6 Evelyn Hicks 6 Thomas J. Hicks 6 Lula Jo Hicks 6 Ellis Ray Hicks 6 Charles Hicks 6 Doyce Hicks 6 James Hicks 5 Joe Wheeler McKelvey b:Nov 18, 1899 in Ala. d:May 7, 1991 in Texas 5 William Luther McKelvey b: Sept 9, 1907 in Titus Co.,Texas d:Nov 26, 1995 in Mt.Pleasant,Titus Co, Texas 5 Ernest Jefferson McKelvey b:July 16, 1911 in Titus Co.,Tex d:June 10, 1980 in Texas +Charlotte Sparks 6 Barbara Ruth McKelvey 5 Leota McKelvey b:Sept 12,1916 in Tex. d: Sept.16,1916 in Texas 4 Jesse McKelvey b:March 29, 1878 in Ala. d: March 3,1962 in Texas +Hassie McCormick 4 Lish M. McKelvey b: July 1881 in Ala d:1943 +Ida Hicks 4 John Thomas McKelvey b:March 30,1883 in Ala.d:Jan.13,1974 in Tx +Pearl Gautney 4 Kate McKelvey b: Dec. 1885 in Ala. d: in Texas +Bill Smith 4 Charles McKelvey b: Sept., 1890 in Ala. d: in Okla. +Grady Ward 4 Grover Cleveland McKelvey b:Apr2,1892 in Ala.d:Nov.4,1977 in Tx +Willie Brownlee 4 Maude McKelvey b: Dec. 1894 in Ala. d: in Texas +Manuel Driggers 4 Jeff McKelvey b: March 22, 1898 in Ala. d:July17,1988 in Cal. +Jewell *2nd Wife of William McKelvey +Sarah Ann Adair b:1828 in Alabama d: in Alabama m:Dec.3, 1854 in Tallapoosa Co, Ala Father: Joseph Adair Mother: Ann 3 William O. McKelvey b: 1856 in Tallapoosa Co.,Ala. d: aft.1910 in Jack Co., Texas +Anna 3 John H. McKelvey b: 1858 in Tallapoosa Co., Ala d: aft 1910 in Jack Co., Texas +Mary Jane 3 Elizabeth Alsay McKelvey b: 1860 3 Shaughter McKelvey b: 1862 3 Robert Lee McKelvey b: 1866 3 Isac V. McKelvey b: 1869 2 John McKelvey b: 1822 in So. Carolina d: bef 1870 in Alabama +Elizabeth C. Adair b: 1822 in Laurens Co.,South Carolina d: aft 1880 in Alabama m: April 11, 1843 in Coosa Co. Ala Father:Joseph Adair Mother:Ann 3 Joseph H. McKelvey b 1844 in Alabama +Susan b: in Alabama 4 LuLu McKelvey b: 1868 4 Baby McKelvey b: 1870 3 John F. McKelvey b: 1846 3 James D. McKelvey b: 1848 3 William C. McKelvey b: 1849 3 George E. McKelvey b: 1851 3 Lizzie McKelvey : 1853 3 Duckett D. McKelvey b:1857 3 Martha McKelvey b: 1859 3 Robert A. McKelvey b:Feb 1862 in Ala d: Aug.13,1934 in Huntsville,Madison Co. Alabama +Lucindy D. Hulsey b: March 21, 1864 in Jackson Co. Ala d: Dec. 28, 1941 in Huntsville, Madison Co,Ala m:Nov.6,1879 in Marshall Co,Ala Father: Henry J. Hulsey Mother: Mary Harrison 4 Albert McKelvey b:Oct. 1882 in Ala. d:in Huntsville, Madison Co., Ala. +Margaret Cowley b:abt 1885 d: in Huntsville, Madison Co., Ala 4 Emma McKelvey b:February 1886 in Alabama d: in Groesbeck, Texas 4 Thomas A. McKelvey b: August 1887 in Marshall Co Ala d: in Madison co., Ala +Ruby Lee Medlin b: June 1894 in Huntsville, Madison Co, Ala d:in Huntsville, Madison Co. Ala m: in Madison Co, Ala Father:Richard Henry Medlin Mother:Jane Armstrong Martin 5 Hattie McKelvey b: 1912 in Madison Co, Ala 5 Marvin McKelvey b: 1914 in Madison Co., Ala 5 Minnie B. McKelvey b: 1918 in Madison Co., Ala 5 Hubert McKelvey(twin) b: 1920 in Madison Co.Ala:1944 in Europe 5 Herbert McKelvey(twin) b:1920 in Madison Co.,Ala 4 Ross Barton McKelvey,Sr. b: Oct. 17, 1889 in Ala d: Nov 21 1956 in Houston, Harris County, Texas +Nellie Martin Medlin b: May 5, 1890 in Huntsville, Madison Co, Ala d: Jan 6, 1958 in Houston, Harris County, Texas m: Oct 26, 1907 in Huntsville, Madison County, Ala Father: Richard Henry Medlin Mother: Jane Armstrong Martin 5 Lois A. McKelvey b: 1910 in Madison Co, Ala. d:1950 in Colorado City, Texas 5 Eddie McKelvey b: 1913 in Ala d: 1981 in Texas +Rina Servos d: in Houston, Harris County, Texas 6 Carl McKelvey b: October 1,1942 in Houston,Harris County,Texas 5 Roscoe Barton McKelvey,Jr. b: Sept.19,1915 in Madison Co.Ala d: July 5, 1965 in Alice,Texas +Evelyn Patricia Alterman Jackson b: July 22,1917 in El Paso, Tex m:Feb.14,1937 in Weatherford,Texas Father:Jacob Alterman Mother: Ruby Clara Callaway 6 Patricia Barth McKelvey b:Oct 8, 1939 d:Oct.8, 1939 in Fort Worth, Tarrant Co, Texas 6 Barthlynn Gale McKelvey b: October 1, 1941 in Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., Texas +Living m:August 27, 1961 in Battle Creek Michigan 7 Lari Lynn Robinson b:Nov.23, 1962 in Houston, Harris Co.Texas +Daryl James Machart b: Nov.21,1956 in El Campo, Tex m:May 31, 1981 in Missour City Ft Bend Co,Tex Father:Frankie Jim Machart Mother:Delores Faye Childress 8 Tifany Gale Machart b:March 14, 1984 in Houston, Harris County, Texas 8 Natalie Lynn Machart b: July 29, 1991 in Houston,Harris County, Texas 8 Emily Patricia Machart b: November 29, 1996 in Houston, Harris County, Texas *2nd Husband of Barthlynn Gale McKelvey +Leonard Nile McCoy b: July 25, 1923 in West Va. m:Dec. 12, 1970 in Mexico/Richmond, Texas Father:Brennie Samuel McCoy Mother: Pearl Missouri Brock *2nd Wife of Roscoe Barton McKelvey, Jr. +Bell m:1947 in Alice, Texas 6 Ariel Belinda McKelvey b 1947 in Alice, Texas 6 Roscoe Barton Mckelvey b:1949 6 Richard McKelvey b: 1950 6 Barbara McKelvey b: 1955 6 Russell McKelvey b: 1962 5 Russell McKelvey b:1917 in Madison Co., Ala d:in Oregon +Ariel 4 Carl McKelvey b: August 1889 4 Lula B. McKelvey b: November 1891 +Ben Cowley b:1890 2 David S. McKelvey 2 Elizabeth McKelvey b: in Laurens Co,S.Carolina +Ray Baxter b: c 1810 in Laurens Co,S.Carolina d: Jan 2, 1867 3 Martha L. Ray b: 1838 in So. Carolina 3 Sarah J. Ray b: 1840 in So. Carolina 3 Reuben H. Ray b: Jan. 13, 1842 in Tallaposa Co., Alabama +Mary Sylvandia Hance Benning b:Feb.22,1830 d:Sept. 6,1894 in Grant Co,Ark m:Nov. 17, 1867 in Ark. 4 Henry Washington Ray b: Sept 23,1868 d: Jan. 1941 +Nora Bell Threet m:May 23, 1909 5 Kerney Ray 5 Verna Ray 5 Ethel Ray 5 Henry Ray, Jr. 5 Wilma Ray 4 Lena(Cora Elenna) Ray b: Jan 7, 1870 d: 1923 +Albert Threet 5 Vera Threet 5 Armo Threet 5 Loretta Threet 5 Vernon threet 4 James Joseph Ray b: Aug. 17, 1872 d: Mar 1, 1955 +Martha(Mattie) Louisa Douglas b:1877 d:1957 m: Oct. 29, 1893 5 Zola Ray b: Nov 1, 1894 d: July 3, 1895 5 Dena Ray b: July 25, 1896 d: Nov 25, 1901 5 Iva(Dob) Louise Ray(Twin) b: Aug 22, 1898 d: Aug 15, 1973 +Clifton Moore b:Nov. 21, 1894 d: Sept 1, 1971 m: Jan 18,1920 5 Herber(Dump) Tristen Ray(twin) b: Aug 22, 1898 d: Dec 24,1940 +Mildred Grady m: Aug 19, 1921 5 Orien Lael Ray b: Oct. 10,1901 d: Feb. 21, 1946 +Lela Kelley m: Apr. 24, 1921 5 Eura(Scrap) Samuel Ray b: Aug 3,1903 d: July 2, 1990 +Ruth Bernice Sallee b: Sept 23, 1918 Father:Clarence De Witt Sallee Mother: Gertrude Reed Sallee m: May 23, 1937 6 David Byron Ray b: May 10, 1938 +Joyce LaRene Gray b: Aug 1, 1938 m: Dec 23, 1957 7 David Byron Ray,Jr. b: Dec 22, 1959 +Jule Ann Martin b: Aug 16, 1969 m: March 2, 1991 8 Zachary James Ray b: June 13, 1993 7 Jeffrey Scott Ray b: Sept 30, 1963 +Jan Lynette Ivey b: June 21, 1970 m: April 2, 1988 8 Jacob Scott Ray b: April 17, 1991 6 Joseph Clarence Ray b: July 26, 1941 +Jimmie Dian Frizzell b: Nov. 30, 1943 m: Dec. 21, 1961 7 Joseph Clarence Ray, Jr. b: Aug 17, 1966 +Yvonne Fleming b: Sept 11, 1964 m: Jun 27, 1987 8 Ashely Brooke Ray b: jan 23, 1990 8 Jordan Kyle Ray(twin b: Oct 9, 1994 8 Justin Cory Ray(twin) b:Oct 9, 1994 7 James S. Danie Ray b: Apr 2, 1971 +Kathleen Marjorie Bollinger b: Apr 4, 1974 m: Sept 19, 1994 7 Deborah Lynn Ray b: Sept 26, 1974 6 Sarah Elizabeth Ray b: Aug. 25, 1950 + Larry Leon Thacker b: Feb. 15, 1949 m: May 24, 1968 7 Larry Leon Thacker, Jr b: Jan 14, 1970 +Christie Marie Tedford b: Jan. 5, 1970 7 Joseph Samuel Thacker b: June 30, 1974 +Kristina Renee Ball m: May 21, 1992 8 Ashley Colleen Thacker b: Dec. 16, 1992 *2nd wife of Joseph Samuel Thacker +Melissa Darlene Stickler Howell b: Sept 18, 1977 m:Jul 2,1996 7 Lorie Ruth Ray b: Dec 30, 1975 +William Scott-Alan Smith b: June 2, 1973 m:Dec 16,1995 8 Britanee Elizabeth Ray b: Dec 16, 1996 6 Rebekah Sue Ray b: Oct 23, 1953 +Robert Harold Bray b: Apr 18, 1946 m: June 15, 1975 7 Aaron Samuel Bray b: Sept 7, 1981 7 Chara Ruth Anne Bray b: Nov 19, 1984 5 Arla(Bawler) Douglas Ray b: Aug 9, 1905 +Alma Keesee m: Feb. 27, 1927 5 Colen(Dick) Ray b: Aug 13, 1907 d: May 2, 1959 +Viola Cranford 5 Bessie(Bill) Roberta Ray b: Sept 14, 1909 +Eddie Osborne m: Feb. 27, 1927 *2nd husband of Bessie Roberta Ray +John Windle 5 John(Kit) Joseph Ray b: Mar 24, 1911 d: Jan 15, 1974 +Dorene Carder m: 1933 5 Mildred(Pealeg)Ray b: Sept 21, 1914 d: Apr 4, 1968 +Mr. Porter 5 Marie Ray b: Jan 21, 1918 d: Jan 21, 1918 5 Hollis(Rabbit)Wendell Ray b: Sept 22, 1919 +Eloise Hope b: May 29, 1926 m: Aug 23, 1945 4 Delbert D. Ray b: Oct. 1878 d: July 18, 1963 +Brooksie 5 Lorene Ray 5 Jackie Ray 5 Lee Benning(step-son) 3 James A. Ray b. 1844 in Alabama +Mary Pitts m: May 9, 1872 in Saline Co.,Arkansas 3 Mary(Mollie) Ray b:May 15, 1847 in Alabama +Capt.J.W. Lavender m:March 3, 1867 in LittleRock, Arkansas 3 William H. Ray b: 1848 in Alabama 3 John D. Ray b: 1853 in Alabama 3 Baxter Ray b: 1855 in Alabama 3 Frances(Fannie?) b: 1858? in Arkansas +Thomas Meruah b:1856 m: Feb. 10, 1879 in Saline Co.,Ark. 3 Ann E. (Annie?) Ray b: 1860 +Benjamin R. Lancaster b:1855 m: Jan. 30, 1877 2nd Wife of Henry McKelvey +Nancy b: 1816 in So.Carolina d: 1881 in Tallapoosa Co. Ala. 2 James R. McKelvey b: 1837 d: bef. 1881 +Mary A. Freeman m:Jan.1,1856 in Tallapoosa County, Ala 2 Sarah Ann McKelvey b:1838 +George Washington Epperson 2 Mary Emmeline McKelvey b: 1841 +Jones W. Freeman m: Nov.20, 2856 in in Tallapoosa Co., Ala 2 George W. McKelvey b:1845 2 Marion Thomas McKelvey b:Jan 7,1846 in Tallapoosa Co,Ala d: April 9,1919 in Tallapoosa Co,Ala +Francis 3 John Thomas McKelvey b: 1867 in Tallapoosa Co,Ala 3 Florence Ophelia McKelvey b: October 1, 1868 in Tallapoosa Co,Ala d:October 30,1916 in Columbus,Ga +Frederick Malechi Duck b:January 1863 in Tallapoosa Co,Ala d: July 12,1928 in Columbus, Ga 4 Frederick Cumbie Duck b:Nov 1,1885 +Gertrude Claridy 4 William Sammie Duck b:July 11,1888 d:Oct.1,1889 4 Thomas Vernon Duck b:March 25,1890 +Willibel Womack 5 Kathryn Duck 5 Thomas Vernon Duck,Jr. 5 Curtiss Duck 5 Sarah Duck 5 Marion Duck 5 Gene Duck 5 Billy Duck 5 Martha Ann Duck 4 Alva Duck b: July 29, 1894 + Patrick Deffebrio 4 Gordie Duck b:February 15, 1897 +Lula Brown 5 Hazel Duck 4 Nannie Annie Duck +Ollie Bryant 4 Webster Duck b: December 16,1901 +Vera Lee 5 Mary Duck 4 Mary Etta Duck b:September 30,1904 d:June 12,1990 in Columbus,Ga +Felton Henry Taylor b:Dec. 31,1900 in Bullock Co,Ga d:July 13,1971 in Columbus, Ga. m:Feb. 3,1924 5 Fredrick Melton Taylor b: May 19, 1925 in Columbus,Ga +Lucy Knox Copeland b: Sep. 12,1926 in Troy,Ala m:March 1, 1946 6 Fredrick Melton Taylor,Jr. b:July 15,1948 in Troy,Ala +Gail Francine Goldfarb b:May 5,1951 in Miami,Fla m:April 6,1974 7 Fredrick Melton Taylor III b: April 6, 1977 in Tampa,Fla 7 Shana Bethany Taylor b: August 22,1980 in Tampa,Fla 6 David Kendall Taylor b:Oct.3,1951 in Troy, Ala +Carolyn Williamson 7 Leigh Khristina Taylor b:March 3,1982 in Andalusia,Ala *2nd wife of David Kendall Taylor +Patsy Cassidy b:Jan.16,1952 in Andalusia, Ala 7 Alex kendall Taylor b;March 2,1988 in Dothan,Ala 6 Mary Susan Taylor b:Jan 4,1955 in Andalusis, Ala +Michael Underwood b: in Valley,Ala m:March 18,1995 5 Mary Joyce Taylor b:July 23,1927 +Clarence Robert Koon b:May 28,1927 in Peteman, Ala m:Sept 8, 1947 6 David Taylor Koon 6 Denise Marie Koon 6 Keith Robert Koon 4 Florence Elizaeth Duck b:Dec.20,1907 d:May 26,1923 +Lonnie Quick m:May 26,1923 4 George Franklin Duck b:Oct 20,1910 +Hazel C. Parsons 5 George Franklin Duck,Jr +Frances Lloyd 6 George Franklin Duck III 6 Kelly Diane Duck 5 Camilla Hortense Duck +Joe Hair 6 Christopher Scott Hair 6 Joe Frank Hair 6 Patrick Hair 6 Laura Camilla Hair 3 Isabella(Nannie) McKelvey b:1870 in Tallapoosa,Ala 3 Azro Mckelvey b:1870 in Tallapoosa,Ala 3 Henry Walton Mckelvey b: Jan 1874 in Tallapoosa, Ala 3 Adella McKelvey b:1876 in Tallapoosa,Ala 3 Detta McKelvey b:1877 in Tallapoosa,Ala 2 Frances C. McKelvey b: 1849 d:bef 1881 +William Rhodes 2 Nancy L. McKelvey +Warren Oneal Sheppard m: Jan. 25, 1877 in Tallapoosa Co., Ala 2 Thomas McKelvey 2 Elizabeth McKelvey +Freeman 2 Antoinette Savannah McKelvey +Jesse J. Bowen m:Jan. 9, 1874 in Tallapoosa Co., Alabama 2 Columbus McKelvey b:July 9, 1958 in Tallapoosa Co,Ala d:March 9, 1942 in Bonham,Fannin Co,Tx +Lodella Americus Kimbrough b:Feb.28,1862 in Ala d:Feb.14, 1939 in Bonham,Fannin Co,Tx m:Dec.4,1876 in Tallapoosa Co,Ala 3 Artie Missie McKelvey b:Sept 5,1878 in Ala +Dea Mixon m:Dec.6,1894 3 Thomas Chester McKelvey b:April 15,1881 +Ada Watkins m:May 21,1900 3 Henry Everett McKelvey b:Jan 22, 1884 d:Jan.25,1953 +Ella May McDaniel m:Aug 11,1912 3 Elbert Dewey McKelvey b:May 13, 1886 +Bertha Duncan m:1921 3 Beulah Mae McKelvey b:May 1,1887 +Benjamin Franklin Edison m:Octo 4,1903 3 Mary Etta McKelvey b:Dec 14,1889 in Waldron,Scott Co,Ar.d:Nov 10,1972 in Bonham,Fannin Co,Tx +George Thomas Moore m:Jan.21,1906 in Telephone,Fannin Co,Tx 3 Lula Francis McKelvey b:Jan 23,1894 d:March 23,1913 +Noah Briley


TEXAS RANGERS CO. C - 1878-1882


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*langley_mckelvy@co.harris.tx * * *DRMSTEPPER@aol * * * g-g-granddaughter of Wiliam McKelvey b 1818 in S.C. * * g-grandson of Joshua McKelvey of Mass. * g-granddaughter of Lucy Frances McKelvey b 1858-1869 in Ala.

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