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The Adair Genealogy Award Of Excellence is awarded to those sites that
capture the true spirit of genealogy.....sharing with other genealogists....

Two awards will be given each month.....Only to the best of the best....

Size has nothing to do with this award...There are many sites out there that
go unnoticed and unrewarded....Yet, so many of them are truly wonderfully
helpful sites with webmasters willing to help everyone.....

Your award will be identical to this with your website's name on it.....

You are welcome to apply for the Adair Genealogy Award of Excellence....
The requirements are very simple

You must have an Adair Website

Links must be easy to follow

Informative Content

Good Presentation

Site must be "Family Friendly"

If you wish to apply for the Adair Genealogy Award of Excellence,email
name of your site, URL, email address and reasons you believe your page
deserves this award......

1999 Winners


Adair and Holland Family Genealogy

Adairs of Ireland